Thursday, January 8, 2009


Warkenda is in the cast of a Paul Shanley play, Doubt, at York Little Theatre this month (Jan 16-18, 22-25). I just finished reading it . . . and it is wonderful, serious, thought provoking. The blurb on the YLT site:

Suspicion; Morality; Faith: Two schools of thought clash in a 1960's Catholic School between a traditional nun who doesn't believe in coddling her students and an athletic priest who embraces the Second Vatican Council's directive for the clergy to become more accessible to their parish. Their rivalry comes to a head when an inexperienced yet enthusiastic young nun unwittingly accuses the priest of inapproriate conduct. The ambiguities of suspicion paired with the devastating effects of gossip drive these characters into a verbal combat that explores the essence of faith, doubt and the ambivalent nature of moral certainty that taints our predilection for compassion and understanding.

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