Monday, January 5, 2009

South Africa: Ostrich Neck and Research

Robin leaves Sunday for the Northern Cape (for her interviews) and does not expect to have any web access. Below are some email excerpts with plans for this week and other fun details:

I am looking forward to going to the clinic in the Western Cape on Thursday. The research nurses [whom she met for dinner the very first night] are very nice and very sharp. It will be great to see them at work. I think that most of my work the rest of the week will be in terms of calls, e-mails and gathering research info. I do not know what the end product will be like but I am learning a lot and will have something to report when I am done. Mo went to town on her bike. It is quite hot today. While she is gone, I am going to try to get some work done on her computer. I have a lot of info to organize and research. Mo is really great.

Sleeping is still a challenge. I fell asleep SA time at about 2330, but was wide awake at 0200. I did not fall back to sleep until 0500. I forced myself to get up at 0900 and NO NAPS for me today. We are eating rather simple meals at home. We had a very fancy meal out the first night. I had lots of interesting food - including ostrich neck:) We also ate lunch out yesterday. At home, we have eaten oats, PBJ, fruit - will have cheese and fruit tonight.

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