Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thursday groups for Lent

This year’s Lenten Dinner series will feature a discussion of Three Simple Rules: A Wesleyan Way of Living, by Rueben Job (book and video). Each evening, after the 6:00 dinner, we’ll show a short video (8-12 minutes) and then discuss at our tables. The theme of the book is developed around the original "Rules for the United Societies" developed by John Wesley in the 1700's:

Do no harm.
Do all the good you can.
Stay in love with God. (Originally stated as "attend upon the ordinances of God")

The dinners will be a wonderful church-wide small group experience. We plan to offer short videos for children as well. If you would be willing to take a turn with the children, please contact the office. The book is available for purchase at the office, or at the dinners, for only $4.

Sylvia Henry is launching a prayer group on Thursday nights at 5:30 pm in the chapel, immediately prior to the Lenten Dinners. The focus of the group at this time will be prayer for our mission in our community and for God to work in us through the Matthew 28 process.

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