Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Member

Meg, presented by Tammy, at the 11:15 service on Father's Day (and Meg's birthday). Congratulations and welcome!

US wins!

For the first time ever, the US national men's soccer team beat Spain. And, it was only the second time our squad has ever won against the current world #1. And, it was in the semifinals of the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa. Check out the highlight video!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


From The Clark, an art museum in Williamstown, the Berkshires. An icon by Ugolino di Nerio, circa 1317-1321, of The Virgin and Child with Saints Francis, Andrew, Paul, Peter, Stephen, and Louis of Toulouse (left to right). Click on the detail pics for a better view of the halos and some interesting images in Peter's face.

From the Trail

More pics from our Berkshire hikes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Business & Mission

Two interesting resources:

Our Central PA Conference Mission Coordinator, Ken Mengel, is bicycling across the USA to raise funds for bed nets to prevent malaria. It is part of the Nothing but Nets campaign supported by The United Methodist Church, the NBA, Major League Soccer, and other organizations. Check out his blog, including pics.

Kiva is a non-profit that specializes in providing micro-finance loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world. (They have also recently partnered with micro-finance providers in the USA as well.) It is a wonderful organization. Check out a recent article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review or Robin and my Kiva lender page.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

At the Base of the Mount

Saddle Ball Mountain (3247') ... we reached the top and then continued along the ridgeline to the peak of the tallest mountain in Massachusetts, Mount Greylock (3491'). It was our first hike on our vacation week, a refreshing time away - three days of hiking and one at an art museum.

Trembling Hearts

From Augustine’s Confessions, X.39.64:

In all such things and in like perils and hardships, you behold my trembling heart. Over and over, I feel my wounds, not so much as inflicted upon me, but rather as healed by you.

Analogically Faulty

"Long separated by cruel fate, the star-crossed lovers raced across the grassy field toward each other like two freight trains, one having left Cleveland at 6:36 p.m. traveling at 55 m.p.h., the other from Topeka at 7:47 p.m. at a speed of 35 m.p.h."

From "Worst Analogies Ever Written in a High School Essay", The Washington Post, cited in Thomas Cathcart & Daniel Klein, Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar . . . Understanding Philosophy through Jokes, p 38.

Determinism and Free Will

Moses, Jesus, and a bearded old man are playing golf. Moses drives a long one, which lands on the fairway but rolls directly toward the pond. Moses raises his club, parts the water, and the ball rolls safely to the other side.

Jesus also hits a long one toward the same pond, but just as it’s about to land in the center, it hovers above the surface. Jesus casually walks out on the pond and chips it onto the green.

The bearded man’s drive hits a fence and bounces out onto the street, where it caroms off an oncoming truck and back onto the fairway. It’s headed directly for the pond, but it lands on a lily pad, where a frog sees it and snatches it into his mouth. An eagle swoops down, grabs the frog, and flies away. As the eagle and frog pass over the green, the frog drops the ball, and it lands in the cup for a hole-in-one.

Moses turns to Jesus and says, "I hate playing with your dad."

From Thomas Cathcart & Daniel Klein, Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar . . . Understanding Philosophy through Jokes, p 22.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Annual Conference

No, it isn't an educational event or an inspirational event. It is an "entity". In The United Methodist world, the "annual conference" is the main regional identity, led by a bishop and district superintendents. All the clergy, along with delegates from each church (ours is Chris K.) are members of "conference". Once a year (this week, Thursday through Saturday), we get together en masse at Messiah College to conduct business, worship, celebrate ordinations, swap stories, discuss the Scriptures, eat popcorn. I serve, for the first time, as "clergy head teller", a job that gives me permission NOT to sit in my seat. (The tellers count votes, distribute ballots and materials, and keep busy serving the varying needs of the session.) Say your prayers for Chris and I this week, for plenty of rest, for fun along the way, for wisdom for the conference in its business matters.

Memorial Day National Anthem

Our own Wanda, caught on the big screen at the Revs game by Cindy S.

BCLC yard sale

Great yard sale last Saturday, May 30. Thanks to the BCLC families, the Kitchen Ministry (fabulous apple dumplings, as always), Khris Lehman for her BBQ chicken "experiment", the BCLC staff, church, community ... a wonderful day! And thanks to Dee for the pics.


Catching up on posting some pics. Baptism of Collin Matthew, with parents William & Alyssa and grandma Faye, from May 3.