Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Annual Conference

No, it isn't an educational event or an inspirational event. It is an "entity". In The United Methodist world, the "annual conference" is the main regional identity, led by a bishop and district superintendents. All the clergy, along with delegates from each church (ours is Chris K.) are members of "conference". Once a year (this week, Thursday through Saturday), we get together en masse at Messiah College to conduct business, worship, celebrate ordinations, swap stories, discuss the Scriptures, eat popcorn. I serve, for the first time, as "clergy head teller", a job that gives me permission NOT to sit in my seat. (The tellers count votes, distribute ballots and materials, and keep busy serving the varying needs of the session.) Say your prayers for Chris and I this week, for plenty of rest, for fun along the way, for wisdom for the conference in its business matters.

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