Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ReImagining Evangelism

From a fantastic book by that title by Rick Richardson:

One morning I was going through the line to get my coffee and chocolate-chip muffin. Raoul rang me up at the cash register. He and I had talked before. He had been intrigued when I told him what I do: "I hang out on campuses with spiritually interested people who are turned off by the organized church and by dogma." Today he asked again how it was going.

Another worker, Jenny, toasting a cinnamon-raisin bagel, overheard Raoul . . . . Jenny was intrigued. From twenty feet away, with five people waiting to pay for their bagels and coffee, Jenny called out, "What was that? What do you do?"

I told her (and the five other people waiting) what I had told Raoul. She wanted to know how it was going. I explained, "I find a lot of people today who are spiritually interested but find the church kind of boring and irrelevant and religion kind of a turnoff. But they really want help on the spiritual journey from guides who won't judge them but will really care."

Jenny started to hyperventilate. "That's me! Where can I find people like that?" . . .

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