Friday, August 14, 2009

Mysterious Ways

A story from Steph F. Thanks for sharing this with us!

This is a story about my mother, Tina and my stepdad, Ed. This happened earlier this summer.

Ed had a son, Patrick, who was a special needs person. Patrick passed away several years ago due to having a seizure in the shower and drowning. Ed obviously misses Patrick very much and Patrick was about two or three years older than me and I believe he died right before his 30th birthday, but I am not certain. That part really isn’t important, just background.

So Tina and Ed have season passes for Hershey and they were in line for a roller coaster and started talking to the family in line in front of them. The one son was also a special needs child and could not speak. This child was drawn to Ed though and the parents tried to tell the child to stop. Ed explained that if was perfectly fine with him, that he had a special needs son himself. While talking, they got onto the subject of oldies music and Ed informed this family that there was a show in the amphitheatre in a little bit where they cast performed oldies. The father seemed very excited and asked what time.

Fast forward to the oldies show -- the performance was going on and on the other side of the audience from Tina and Ed people were waving the performers to stop. An audience member had gone into cardiac arrest. The performers asked if there was a doctor in the house. The father of the family that Ed and Tina had been speaking to stood up and it turns out he is an anesthesiologist. He performed CPR on the man and did save his life.

Tina saw the doctor’s wife outside the amphitheatre and went to talk to her. She and the two boys were bored with the show so she took them on rides while the father stayed. Had this special needs child not have been so attracted to Ed, the conversation would not have occurred in the line for the coaster, the doctor would not have been there at the oldies show, and that man would have died.

I believe this is a perfect example of how God works in mysterious ways and how everything intertwines.

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