Monday, August 24, 2009

A Transplant's Story (Elaine D.)

Hi. My name is Elaine and I am a Transplant!

When I learned that conference was closing the doors of CrossWalk Community Church, I was devastated to say the least. I had finally found a “home” with a family that I could worship and fellowship with. What was I going to do now?

Then I visited Bethany Church with my hubby. We were given a tour by Dee McNally! First impressions are sometimes wonderful and this was one of them. Dee and I clicked immediately. But besides that, Dee and the others in the group made us feel welcomed. They also opened the door to our new “home”.

Yes, we followed JP; but more importantly, the members of Bethany welcomed us.

Now Bob and I are part of the Bethany congregation and very much a part of the Matthew 28 program.

I don’t know exactly what God has planned for us. But I do know this: We as a congregation have so much to give to the community. This was evident as the CrossWalk congregation was welcomed into this family and we brought with us the not so “normal” by some standards.

Maybe this was the “practice session” for Matthew 28. Be disciples for Christ to all. Christ didn’t choose the “elite” or politically correct people to associate with. He chose the “lost, lonely, sick, rejected”.

This is what Matthew 28 is about: Opening our arms, hearts and minds to those who are looking for a “home”. Reaching out to them, giving them hope and Christian love. Being disciples at work and at play.

We as a congregation need to step up to the plate. To grow, we need to do many things. Some cost us nothing but our time. Some cost the church money. I know times are tough. Many are unemployed and many like myself took a pay cut just to keep our jobs.

I started tithing at the beginning of the year, something I have never done before. When I took the pay cut I wondered how I would be able to continue. God has provided as he always does.

I want Bethany to succeed. I want to see this church grow: For Christ. I want this to be everyone’s desire.

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