Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Emergent" Worship

Here in Chicago for the first of a three day theology conference with Jurgen Moltmann (who speaks Thursday and Friday). Had a "Moltmann 101" intro this afternoon, which I needed since I hadn't read any of his work until a couple weeks ago. This evening had worship led by a church in the Emergent network/conversation/fellowship. They speak of worship as emerging from the gifts of the people, and this church is particularly "artsy", meeting in an art gallery, incorporating live jazz improv, live visual art, writing their own music ... But the principle is the same in all settings: to let worship emerge from the gifs of the people. Hope to post some vid eventually, but have a pic here. While folks were gathering, chatting, coming in from dinner, a jazz duo (guitar-bass), an artist "painting" (oil crayon thingies - forgive me, my artist friends - on black photography paper on the floor, captured by camera and projected on screen), and the elements set up for Holy Communion at the end of the gathering.

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