Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving from a Mission Partner

From First Fruits Farms, which grows fruit and vegetables for food pantries from Baltimore to York ... and where our youth spent one day harvesting this summer:

Dear Friends, We completed the 2009 harvest on November 14. Over the course of this growing season, we learned a great deal about farming, about the wonderful generosity of all you volunteers, and about God's immeasurable goodness. It was an ambitious planting, prompted by the call on our hearts to do step out in faith in an even bigger way, in response to an ever-growing need to feed the hungry in our midst. And the blessing of the Lord was upon us -- in this one growing season, with the help of many hundreds of volunteers, we harvested and delivered over 872,000 lbs. of fresh food to soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food banks. Thank you!!!!! What a joy it is to serve alongside you.

We saw many more rainy harvest days than ever before, but you all persevered, and God taught us patience. We faced unprecedented challenges, and God reminded us to trust in Him. We wondered if we would have the strength, and God brought us many new faces, who stepped up in significant ways to partner with us, and help get it all accomplished. We considered the possibility of expanding into year-round supply of vegetables, and we dedicated 8 acres of green beans to be canned. The result was an unbelievably beautiful Fall harvest of beans that was picked and taken to Hanover foods on the last possible day of the season --- as a result we are able to supply canned beans to the hungry all winter long. Praise be to God! We are humbled by and grateful to all who offered their prayerful and financial support of this ministry. This “ministry in the dirt” is all about community and we thank God for all of you who took part this growing season. It is a reflection of His glory that we all come together to serve the least among us.

Our prayer is that the people we serve in the homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food banks somehow know that God loves them and knows their need and it is through His power and goodness that the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables were brought to nourish them. Our prayer is that you all enjoy a Thanksgiving of peace and abundant blessing. We hope to see you next Spring!!

With love and gratitude, Carol (and everyone at First Fruits Farm)

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