Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reading notes

Jurgen Moltmann, citing Johann Baptist Metz, in A Broad Place (125):
The world is not a waiting room where we can sit about bored until the door to God's consulting room opens.

Eugene Peterson, in Reversed Thunder (174):
Many people want to go to heaven the way they want to go to Florida - they think the weather will be an improvement and the people decent.

Augustine, in his Confessions (11.2.4), a prayer to find the treasures in the Scriptures:
I beseech you by your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, "the man of your right hand, whom you have confirmed for yourself," as your mediator and ours, through whom you have sought us when we did not seek you, and sought us so that we might seek you, your Word, through whom you have made all things, among them myself also, through whom you have called to adoption a people of believers, among them me also. I beseech you by him who "sits at your right hand, and makes intercession with you for us," "in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." These same treasures I seek in your books.

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