Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ripple Effect

I enjoy the ripple effect ad video (in a post below) because of its parallel to a theological concept: that our history, our story, is contained in Jesus. The Scriptures speak repeatedly of being "in Christ", "crucified with Christ", "raised with Christ". Pope John Paul II wrote in some of his early poetry (while still serving in Poland) of Jesus as "the Man who is the body of our history". Our death and resurrection are already accomplished in Jesus. Our deliverance in and through final judgment is "a done deal" in Jesus who took our judgment upon himself. "It is finished" Jesus declared from the cross, and the "ripple effect" moves through history. More than a ripple, indeed, a singularity, a point that defines all that goes after as well as all that goes before. (That's why Jesus' coming was described in Luke as being "in the fullness of time".)

Why the soccer video? No need to ask . . .

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