Wednesday, September 29, 2010

House of Heaven

Neat story by Paul Nixon on a Chinese United Methodist Church in Brooklyn, first paragraph below:

I visited China yesterday - in Brooklyn. A five-year old United Methodist congregation called Tian Fu (House of Heaven) is on track to receive around 700 adult converts to Christianity this year - possibly placing them in the lead amongst all mainline congregations in America. In fact, they had just baptized and confirmed a class of 99 persons the week before I attended. I study such places, especially when they are yet largely undiscovered by others. Mainline church leaders sometimes write off places such as Tian Fu because of ethnic differences or because they assume (wrongly in this case) that the theology is fundamentalist. I went to Tian Fu primarily to worship, but also to learn. I plan to go back. Here is what I learned from them in my first three-hour Taste of Heaven:

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