Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Study Retreat

Study retreat is coming up! One of the important things I do is plan preaching and worship for the next 6 months and beyond. Please help me in this process! Pray for me now, and on that week, for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and for an open and renewed spirit. In addition, please consider any or all of the following questions and provide your feedback by email or on paper for me to take with me.

1. Is there a sermon series I could plan to which it would be easy to invite your friends?
2. What do you need to grow spiritually?
3. Where are you personally struggling?
4. How can I, as a preacher, help you better live the Christian life?

I will read and pray through your suggestions. In addition, on the study retreat I’ll be running and walking, cooking and eating, and continuing to seek God’s vision for the future of our ministry together.

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