Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update from Egypt

Excerpts from the director of the Bible Society of Egypt, Ramez Atallah (full letter):

On the "night of rampage," January 29th, when many businesses, shopping malls, vehicles and police stations were vandalized and destroyed, a bunch of hooligans approached the Bible House in the middle of the night. Our security guard had fled and the Muslim neighbors guarding their homes told us that they were preparing to protect our beautiful building when suddenly, for no apparent reason, the gang stopped in their tracks and returned from whence they had come! The neighbors were convinced that this was divine protection of the Bible Society and told us so! We were sleeping at the time, but undoubtedly some of you, in different time zones were praying for us!
. . .
Just today, some grandparents came into one of our bookshops and bought CDs and coloring books for their grandchildren. They said, "Now is the time for our children to connect with the Word of God, to find real security. We must build their trust in the Lord, and not in a certain regime or political solution."

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