Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sunday's message, in notation form. Check out the Scripture with it. The focus was the first story from Vacation Bible School week.

Acts 13:4-12 (message focus)

Fires the imagination
not about the tech, but the STORY

Bobette Buster, story consultant and creative exec in the film industry (Sony, Pixar, Tony Scott, others)
film took off when it incorporated story (something Edison missed)
the first “action film” by the original Warner Brothers

But, a little disturbing:
Healing, deliverance – yes!
Harm – no!
John Wesley, General Rules, “First, by doing no harm”

Miracle – expand our definition: manifesting the perfect reality of the kingdom of God in a broken world
How often do I live with mist and darkness covering me? (the blindness of Elymas)
I can’t deal with the truth:
Pole saw – watch out for sawdust or a falling tree branch?
Judgment issues
Urgency or Importance
“See through the eyes of a child ... quite possibly the truest reflection of reality in its most untainted, unmotivated form. Without any ... agenda.”

Kids spot fake people like Elymas
Kids live with their imagination, the engine of belief

put off our blindness

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