Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flood Story

From Dona L, last Thursday - Thanks for sharing!

Yesterday I was evacuated from my office position through the hospital. The creek rose so fast we had 15 minutes to get out through a fence that was cut for escape. My car was left behind as I walked up Mt Rose Ave hill towards the apartment.

When I got to the corner of the alley and saw my home I broke down and cried. I was wet inside and out, tired and exhausted but thankful for the strength in my body to get me safe with my faithful dog, Cooper. We often take for granted so many little things.

I am thankful to be safe, thankful for the electric that came back on, thankful for God's Grace to yet help me through another storm and challenge in my life.

It takes a lot to scare me, but I was scared. Walking through the evacuation route, up the hill in the rain I was on auto pilot. Not thinking other then one step at a time. When I turned that corner and saw my home it hit me how fortunate my life has been.

I do not know if my car is damaged and do not care. Cooper and myself are okay. I ate yet another meal of green beans and zucchini from my lil city garden, turned the faucet for water to drink, shared my rice with Cooper, enjoying the comfort of my life. Another example of the abundant love God has offered to me.

In your prayers of thanks, make sure my life is included. I am blessed by strength, love of family and friends and neighbors. I have food to eat, and a certainly my reward for these challenges will someday be offered.

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