Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow and the Schedule

Tomorrow, Sunday October 30, we will cancel the 9:00 service and the 10:15 Sunday School hour. Our expectation is that the parking lot, to be plowed tonight, will harden and freeze in the early morning cold. With the sun up, it should be safer by 11:15.

We are inviting everyone who is able to join us at 11:15 for a brief song service followed by going out as teams to help with snow and limb removal in our neighborhood. Bring your shovels and saws. Eat a hearty breakfast. Curvin Snyder will coordinate an initial list of persons nearby who could use some help. Please contact him if you have any suggestions. We’ll do whatever work we can with whomever is able to come.

This Sunday, we’ll not just have a service. We’ll DO A SERVICE!

The Bethany Christian Learning Center program is postponed to next week, Nov 6. We will also be recognizing our 50 year plus members on that day.

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