Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Eight young people were confirmed and/or baptized this past Sunday! Thanks to all the mentors, and to Sharon, our Youth Ministries Director! Check out the full photo album!

First pic (9:00 Traditions worship): Caleb, with mentor Casey; Brooke with Linda; Brad with Gary; Derek with Danny; Zach with Jim; Sharon.

Second pic (11:15 Celebrations worship): mentor Crist with Austin, Shanelle with Danna, Brittany with Sharon, Pastor JP

Third and fourth pics: Baptism of Shanelle and Austin

Fifth pic: "Derek, remember your baptism and be thankful. The Holy Spirit work within you that, being born of water and the Spirit, you may be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ."

The young people then served Holy Communion and baptismal remembrance to the church.

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