Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Congo

Our United Methodist Board of Church and Society provided training in justice, advocacy, and faith in the Congo for our Christian brothers and sisters.  Check out the complete story!

More than 100 people attended the General Board of Church and Society’s restorative justice seminar in Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Katanga Episcopal Area last year. The seminar, supported by the Human Relations Day Offering, was developed to empower United Methodists in the Congo to be advocates for justice.

At the outset, participants agreed that the training should motivate them to share information with their community, train people on the church’s mission in society and increase the church’s impact on their community.

Seminar topics ranged from rape and sex abuse in the DRC, child soldier issues and working with them, HIV/AIDS, and home-based care and other restorative justice issues. Participants also learned about the structure of the United Methodist Church, the Social Principles, alcohol and drug prevention, and dealing with health and wholeness issues.

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