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20 May 2013
Acts 1:1-11, Luke 24:44-53
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7 "P’s" of the Story
PROOFS (Ac 1.3) – of his resurrection, SCRIPTURE! (Lk 24.44-47)
what he does not do: public ministry (healing/teaching)

PROMISE (Ac 1.4, Lk 24.49) – the Holy Spirit

PRESENCE – not Jesus, but the Spirit

PLUNGING (Ac 1.5) – baptized with the Holy Spirit
Greek: "dunk, plunge, immerse"
diving into a pool and meeting your reflection ... Annie Dillard

POWER (Ac 1.8, Lk 24.49) –
what about the kingdom? (Ac 1.6)
He was teaching about the kingdom, but they did not quite get it
Not what you expect, not the power you expect!
power not to rule the world, but witness in the world

PURPOSE (Ac 1.8, Lk 24.47-48) – witness
witness = martus (root of English "martyr", Greek)

PROMISE (Ac 1.11) – return

Reflection on Jesus and the ChurchWe’re NOT Jesus
we don’t save people
not being in my church doesn’t mean you’re not "in" on salvation
we are simply witnesses – Jesus is the Savior!

we do Jesus’ work as his body on earth

Ascension as the completion of Resurrection"Suddenly two men" (Ac 1.10, Lk 24.4)
same Greek phrase in both stories

both times, the men ask a question:
"Why do you look for the living among the dead?" (Lk 24.5)
"Why do you stand looking up toward heaven?" (Ac 1.11)

both times, redirect our attention to a promise:
"Remember how he told you ..." (Lk 24.6)
"This Jesus ... will come" (Ac 1.11)

both times, refocused on a mission (Purpose):
"They told this to all the eleven" (Lk 24.9)
Prayer (Ac 1.14) and Witness (Ac 1.22)

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