Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mission - Australia

At Michael & Sarah's wedding, I met one of their friends and photographers, Naomi Elliott, who is headed to Australia for three months (or more, depending on financial support) to work with Word of Life in their ministry particularly with youth. Her most recent letter is below. To be in touch with Naomi, contact her by email: naomi.elliott5 at hotmail dot com (edit the "at" and "dot").

This summer has been very full. I have been taking summer courses, through Liberty University.  They have proven to be very intense and hard. I have finished two of them and am now focusing the rest of the summer on two more classes. This past Sunday was my last day with the media team at my church. I only have one more week with the Youth group, which is sad; I will miss all of the teens! I have loved working with both groups and look forward to hearing about how God is working while I am in Australia.

As for Australia plans, they are coming along nicely. I will be returning to Australia on July 17, 2012. Right now I will only be able to stay 3 months, but I am hoping that the rest of my support will come in and I will be able to stay longer. Right now the staff in Australia is in Melbourne ministering in public schools. There have already been teens that have given their lives to Christ! Pray that they will continue to hear and respond to the gospel.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and also for investing in this ministry. I am so excited to see what God is going to do through me in Australia. You are each a part of that, so thank you again for your support.

Because they haven't heard,

                                    Naomi Elliott

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