Thursday, July 12, 2012

Penny for Your Thoughts

We didn’t get a recording of the June 24 message from Mark 3:7-19, and I didn’t use a full text. So, here’s a summary. And, everyone there received a penny when they arrived.

Jesus appoints twelve as apostles, with two purposes: (1) to be WITH him and (2) to be SENT. Being sent has two dimensions, proclaiming the message and authority to cast out demons. (See 3.14-15).

We talked about two directions or dimension of discipleship, the interior and exterior, the being and the doing, the with and the sent, piety and mission. For the practice of piety, "be WITH him", we used a phrase from Psalm 27: "Seek his face". We looked at the face of the penny and held that up as a reminder to be seeking God’s face, to make simply being WITH Jesus the priority in our lives. For the practice of mission, "be SENT", we talked about telling the story – the story that features Jesus – and about exercising authority over evil of all kinds. We looked at the back of the penny and the words "ONE CENT" and held that up as a reminder to live in the missional practices of story-telling and evil-conquering.

Pick up a penny today!

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