Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Audio Bible: Let the one with ears hear

If you ever use earphones when you jog, mow, vacuum, swim, weed, wash dishes.  If you ever listen without earphones . . . try listening to the Scripture!  This morning on my jog, I listened through Matthew 8-13, dramatized in multiple voices, with musical background.  And, these audio resources for downloading or streaming are FREE.  Check out or YouVersion Bible App for computer or mobile use.  I use and enjoy both, in a car, in the rain, on a boat, on a train.  Our Sunday messages are also available for streaming or download. Message Audio available, and here.  Check out our Resource page for more good stuff!

In my listening this morning, I was struck by the centurion telling Jesus, "I am a man under authority".  It was his way of putting himself under Jesus' authority as well.  And, a crystal clear expression of making Jesus our Lord.

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