Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Brand Plucked from the Burning (Prisoners of Hope: The Prophetic Imagination of Zechariah #1)

Audio available, and here.
Notation form only, no complete message text.
Zechariah 3, with John 11.1-45

Background:1. Historical: Post-exilic
Exile – vicious and brutal conquest and forced resettlement
Return – and in the process of rebuilding the Temple
Germane to this passage:
the priests (like Joshua) were blamed for the exile
(Jeremiah 1.18, 2.8, 2.26, 4.9, etc.)

2. Prophetic Imagination: Apocalyptic (= uncovering/revealing)
Not about the "end" but about an imagination that reveals or uncovers the "ends" (as in "purpose") of God
Imagination depends on imagery
the imagery of our dreams
sometimes disjointed and jarring

Reuse/repurpose previous tradition
Branch (Isaiah 4.2, 11.1, Jeremiah 23.5, 33.15)
Horsemen of Zechariah show up in the Revelation
Rebuke of Satan shows up in Jesus to Peter (Mk 8.33)

1. Image: Brand plucked from the burning
Story: John Wesley and the house fire
Identity: Live conscious of your salvation

2. Image: Clothes, filthy clothes/festal apparel
Story: "The Emperor’s New Clothes" (Hans Christian Andersen)
Vulnerability, public exposure, followed by transformation
Identity: Live conscious of being delivered from guilt and shame

3. Image: Branch and omens
Stories: The sweet gum trees; robins in spring
Identity: Live conscious of resurrection; live as omens of Jesus’ coming

Jesus – the coming Branch (Romans 15.12, Matthew 2.23)

create new community, with shared provision (Zechariah 3.10)
remove the guilt of this land, in a single day (Zechariah 3.9)

Because he WAS:
stripped of his clothes
to take my shame
to dress me in his righteousness

Because he IS:
my Savior

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