Saturday, October 13, 2012

Growing in Prayer

During the summer, I urged you to find one way to expand your prayer life, to add to your practice in a sustainable way, to nurture your soul and intimacy with God. I took on the challenge for myself. My new addition was to schedule an hour block for prayer on a weekly basis. I pray using the Psalms, the wonderful prayer book Common Prayer: A Guide for Ordinary Radicals, and the church directory (a couple pages at a time). It has enriched my daily prayers, strengthened my courage, clarified my vision, and deepened my connection with each of you. If you have not yet taken up the challenge, I urge you to do so! Find one new way to expand your prayer life – using the Psalms, the Lord’s Prayer, hymn or song lyrics, a scheduled time of day, adding prayer to each meal. One new step can be a powerful thing!

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