Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Lake of Truth: A Fairy Tale About Desire

A wonderful fairy tale from Peter Rollins:

There was once a tragic little field mouse who was out of work and down on his luck. After almost a year on welfare he decided to look further afield for work and discovered that there was a factory located in an enchanted forest just a few miles from his nest. It was expanding its production and was looking for animals to work on the floor putting acorns into shells and checking for defects. He went for the interview and, a few days later, was offered a job.
Pretty soon he got tired of the commute and moved nests. Eventually setting up in a cheap but up and coming part of the forest. Everything ran smoothly as he got to know his job and made new friends. Then one day, quite by chance he was out gathering food for winter and met a beautiful guinea pig. He quickly became infatuated with her and asked her on a little date.
Things went well and pretty soon they were going steady, however this was an insecure little mouse and so he became worried that she didn’t really love him.
He would ask her all the time if she loved him and each she would answer in the same way, “Yes, of course I love you, I loved you from the first day I set eyes on you, I love you this very day and I will love you all the days of my life.”
But this answer never satisfied him because he knew that she could be lying and so his insecurity kept growing until he was so preoccupied he couldn’t concentrate on the job.

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