Monday, January 28, 2013

Who Is This Man?

"Jesus' impact on our world is highly unlikely, widely inescapable, largely unknown, and decidedly double-edged. It is unlikely in light of the severe limitations of his earthly life; it is inescapable because of the range of impact; it is unknown because history doesn't connect dots; and it is doubled-edged because his followers have wreaked so much havoc, often in his name.

"He is history's most familiar figure, yet he is the man no one knows. His impact on the world is immense and non-accidental. From the Dark Ages to Post-Modernity he is the Man who won't go away."

Join us at 6:00 pm on Thursday nights beginning Feb 14 for dinner and our Lent learning theme presented by John Ortberg. On Feb 14, we'll begin with a special presentation on Saint Valentine by Pastor JP. The video sessions will begin the following week. Contact Carolyn in the church office to get your copy of the book Who Is This Man?

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