Sunday, February 3, 2013

Practically Empty

Today we finished our "Unwrapping the Gift" series. On our first week, I spoke about the practice of emptiness - we need to make "room at the inn" for Jesus, for God's gift, in our lives. And, I have been practicing emptiness over the month, clearing out junk in the basement. My first project was to get rid of "vintage hardware", including early 90's "notebook computers" (wonderful DOS machines). I took them to the county recycling site. (They are pictured below in the back of my car.) Hope you have integrated some emptiness into your life as well and experienced new connection to the gifts of God - particularly the "spiritual gifts", the gift of the Spirit (filling/baptizing), and today's theme: Love.

Next week, we begin a new series that will take us up to Easter, "Seven Last Words on Life: Jesus' words from the cross".

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