Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All the Wrong Places

The message notes for Easter Sunday (no audio available), from Luke 24:1-12.

Looking in all the wrong places:
"Why do you look for the living among the dead?"
Casey & Danna’s keys
picked up by Robin and put into her jacket pocket

Looking in all the wrong places:
if you do it long enough, you give up
maybe you have been there
need for control – find it now, find it on my terms
surrender to surprise
do not quit looking ... start to look in the right places:
the table of the Lord,
the body of Christ not only in the bread and cup but in bro/sis

whether we are looking for the pair of glasses we are holding in our hands or the pen that is behind our ear, we have a habit of looking in all the wrong places

appreciate the response of Peter to the "idle tale" of "the women"
he does not debate, he does not decide (believe or not)
he does not look so much as enter the mystery, see it for himself
and "he went home, amazed"
entering mystery is leaving the realm of our control

rodeo horse, sit on or ride
entering mystery requires trust
even when the women and the other disciples see Jesus resurrected, the mystery of the empty tomb is not removed

they know Who, What, When, Where ... not HOW
"God raised him" (Acts 10.40)
"Power of an indestructible life" (Hebrews 7.16)

we know WHY – the most important question that can be asked
mystery is at the heart of the universe, because God at the heart
life has the last word – not death – so LIVE IT!
something, someONE, > me

That greater someONE, Jesus Christ the Lord, is worth trusting. Not simply so that we can enter the mystery and come home, like Peter, amazed. Not simply so that we can be surprised when we are looking in all the wrong places. But because he chose to become fully human, even to death. And, in doing so, he invites us not simply to enter the mystery but to live the mystery of LIFE with him.

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