Saturday, April 20, 2013

Holy Communion in Haiti

As Americans, we tend to think that communion needs to be the traditional bread and grape juice, however the January team from the Haiti Partnership reports that the elements they shared, in their recent trip to Haiti, were American Coca-Cola and Haitian chicken. The communion was even more special for the people joined for communion as they sat as one American, one Haitian, one American, one Haitian and served each other. This team worked in Bercy in the south western part of Haiti, where there is an impressive concrete irrigation system for the surrounding fields. The work project was to help with construction of the community church that had been badly damaged by many storms that hit that part of the country. The Haiti Partnership wishes to offer speakers for any church that would like to find out more about God's work in Haiti. Please email Barb Gay at "skyhaven at epix dot net" or check out the website of
In 2012, Pastor JP and Caleb both served on a Haiti Partnership mission team. It was a wonderful opportunity.

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