Saturday, June 8, 2013

God Moment

From Mission Central, our partner in the Susquehanna Conference of The United Methodist Church:

All Terrain Vehicle

Jean Norris had gathered a pallet of supplies for a lady named Hadiza Fox for a mission's trip to a maternity clinic in Niger, West Africa. When Hadiza came to pick up the supplies this morning, she asked if we had a wheelchair which could be used on all types of terrain for a young boy in Niger. We did not have anything which would work for her [in the morning].

Due to the amount of supplies, Hadiza had to return this afternoon to pick up the rest of the items. Right before she came into the building, another ministry (Derry Street UMC) was dropping off furniture for New Digs. Beth Ridgeway (from Derry Street) mentioned that she had a wheelchair which had bicycle tires on the back wheels and large, hard rubber wheels on the front which would work on all types of terrain...

As I brought the wheelchair into the warehouse, Hidiza was walking in to pick up the rest of her supplies. I showed her the wheelchair and she exclaimed, "God works miracles!" Yes, He does!

The other amazing part of this story...

Hadiza was supposed to pick up her supplies on 4/19 or 4/22 ~ she came 4/29 instead which was the day the wheelchair was brought here.

Also, if she had a vehicle large enough to take all the supplies in one trip in the morning, she wouldn't have been here in the afternoon when the wheelchair came in.

God is Awesome! ALL THE TIME! We just have to stop long enough to recognize His daily miracles.

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Deb Harden
Executive Assistant

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