Friday, June 7, 2013

Holy Trinity

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Message for Trinity Sunday, May 26, 2013
Nicene Creed, Genesis 18.1-15, Romans 5.1-5, John 16.12-15

Trinity Sunday, the only Sunday named for a doctrine!
The word "Trinity" is NOT in the Bible
developed to describe biblical language for God as Father, Son, Spirit
equally God, distinct as persons, completely one
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer? All persons share in the work

Schism of 1054, the first "church split"
filioque controversy
Nicene creed: "The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father filioque (Latin: and the Son)" OR "through the Son"
language, culture, personality, politics, and theology

The Matrixfilms, "Trinity" first directions to "Neo": "follow the white rabbit"
nod to Lewis Carroll, and Through the Looking Glass

is that all the Holy Trinity is?
Strange nonsensical language, a bad trip
Social commentary

Strange nonsensical language
The Trinity does not make sense, not rational
God is "three persons and one being"
God is person, with personality ... not mechanical
Persons are unpredictable, persons have emotions
You relate to a person, you do not control a person

Social commentary
hierarchy, order – and our need to see it – triangle
John 16.12-15, "what is mine"

psychology (see Moltmann notes)
Father, Son, Dove (the "it", the relationship, not a person)
"OT Trinity" of Genesis 18

dynamic, equal – circle
perichoresis (Greek: "around" "make room")
Cladis, Team Church, perichoresis as "circle dance"
Moltmann, three persons are also "three rooms" making room for each other – and for Creation and for human beings! – to dwell within one another (notes from Moltmann conversations)
"interpenetration", one of the technical terms for the Trinity

Living in God
love & trust (faith)
through the looking glass, into the other (not just looking at yourself)
"In my Father’s house are many rooms" (John 14)
and, make room for God in us, for God to "interpenetrate" us
"No room in the inn" (Luke 2)

Jeremiah 31:22 For the LORD has created a new thing on the earth: a woman encompasses a man.
Living in the image of God
not simply "made in the image of God" but called to LIVE IN the image
made to relate with each other in peace and joy: reconciliation
made to connect intimately with one another: koinonia, small groups

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