Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Three Ways We Censor the Bible

By Dave Barnhart, pastor of new church Saint Junia. Check out the full article!

In a post on my blog last fall, I talked about the “secret” history of Red Alabama, and how that history gets sanitized. How we sanitize history is the subject of the book Lies My Teacher Told Me, which argues that how we teach history affects our thinking and our politics. There is a similar “secret” history of biblical interpretation, which also affects both our thinking and our politics.

I’m doing a Bible study called “Your Vulgar Bible” on Monday nights in a local pub. I’m sharing the stories and passages that don’t get preached. These are stories that do not get shared, either from the pulpit or in Sunday schools, and so people get a skewed vision of the Bible.

I argue that there are three ways the Bible gets censored:

Excerpted from MinistryMatters.com. Read more: http://www.ministrymatters.com/all/article/entry/3911/three-ways-we-censor-the-bible#ixzz2UFWX0Fzh
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