Friday, August 30, 2013

Children's Coin Drive

Throughout the month of August there was a lot of noise during the Traditions and Celebrations Worship services. You really couldn't miss the sound of the coins clanging into the tin cans as the children went through the congregation with smiles and laughter. People were dropping (some were throwing) coins into the cans as the sound filled the Sanctuary and Gathering Place with the joy of giving. What a wonderful sound it was, and the children collected a total of $373.30 for their mission project. The money collected will be going to support the United Methodist Children's Home in Mechanicsburg. Thank you to everyone! May God bless the children who will benefit from this donation. Pictured above you can see the tin cans and the wheelbarrow in which the coins were collected. The wheelbarrow needs some repair work from its load of coins!

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