Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Think About It Moment "Take AIM"

A few weeks ago I found myself doing something I really don’t like to do – sitting with a group of people waiting to have an x-ray.  I had not expected to be in this waiting room and was glad that I had a book with me to read during this unexpected stop.  After all, why not be diligent with my time!    

Well the conversations were so loud it was impossible to focus on the words.  So I began watching this little girl who was fascinated with the sliding entrance doors.  She watched as the door would suddenly open up and someone would walk through.  Then she noticed the big square button on the wall beside the sliding door.  Curiosity was fueled by temptation to push that button.  Slowly she began to step towards the door, and that huge button, that was shouting . . . PUSH ME!  As she got close to the door,  it would slide open, and she would run back to her chair. 

Then she would start all over as curiosity, fueled by temptation, led to a desire to push that button.   Carefully and slowly she would creep towards the door with an outstretched hand ready to push that button . . . each time the door would open and she would make a mad dash back to her chair.  This happened time after time until my name was finally called for my x-rays.

Have you ever found yourself drawing close to God, to only run away?  It could be during worship, during devotional time, a time of prayer, or even Bible Study.  Often it happens when we are just walking through the beauty of God’s creation that we suddenly sense God’s presence . . . . and like the little girl we are startled by what’s happening. What do you do?  Do you give the time to be in His presence?  Do you run away? 

It happens to all of us. The agenda is so full that we keep going to the next stop on our list.  What might happen if we would just turn away from the busyness of the world and give God our undivided attention?  You know, choose not to run away.

What might happen if we would listen to God’s direction from Psalm 46,
“Be still, and know that I am God!”

Or listen to the words of who encouraged us with the following words from Matthew 11: 28,
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

What do you do when God opens the door?

Think about it!   Pastor Dennis

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