Thursday, May 21, 2020

This week’s message is “Victims of Identity Theft” and the Scripture reading is from Luke 3: 21-22 and Luke 4: 1-13.  We are getting closer to having our new church website, which will be up and running!! And we are anticipating having service in house next Sunday, the church office will keep everyone informed of these two significant events! This week’s service will still be on Pastor Wayne’s Facebook page.

Instructions for Facebook Service
 The service will be shared on the Facebook platform. You will need to be my friend on Facebook. If you don't have Facebook, go to the App Store on your phone and type Facebook in the search bar. Press "Get." Facebook will download in less than a minute. Fill in the basic personal information requested.
If you just downloaded Facebook (or aren't already  "my friend" on Facebook), type Wayne Heberlig in the Facebook search bar. Press the "Add Friend" that will be beside my name. I will have to accept your friend request… and I will be sure that anyone making this request before 9:45 on Sunday Morning will be added to the list of those able to see Bethany's Worship Video.
When we are live… Facebook will tell you "Wayne Heberlig is going live" - click that! The site will go active around 9:59 am on Sunday with our service beginning at 10 AM.

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